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Clean Your House Today Deep Cleaning of Flats, Sofa Chair and Carpet Shampooing

Dial 99205 61736 for Mumbai to fix an appointment or request quote today!

Why Us

  • Your home is not just a place of residence, but a piece of art with exquisite interiors showcasing your tastes and personality
  • When you have spent savings of your lifetime in making your home, it is important to retain its original finish & luster
  • Cleanliness of your home can make the difference between health and illness, which reinforces need for periodic cleaning of home
  • Spick-N-Span Services will help you in its maintenance by professional cleaning with specialized cleaning equipments & eco-friendly chemicals
  • Professional cleaning will extend life of your upholstery
  • Our rained and trustworthyhousekeepers have expertise which your house-maid or kamwali bai doesn’t have

And all this at affordable rates!